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"Theater is the way"

Today my life suffered a big change. I knew 2009 was going to be a great year, I felt it, but I never thought it would be SO mind blowing like this. Today I was at school, during break time my cellphone started vibrating and I was expecting it to be a message from my lover but... It wasn't. It was my theater director, he was calling to tell me that he had won a theater contest and he wanted me to be one of the main characters of the play he was going to do. I was really surprised after he said that it was something very important, that I would even get paid a lot, but I would have to miss at least 2 mornings of school per week, that's when I believed I wouldn't be able to make it. I told him I would talk with my mother first and he said he would wait for my answer but, I had to be fast. Later, I called my mother asking if she was going to work in the afternoon, because I needed to talk to her. I ended up telling her what was going on by the phone, I expected my mom not to let me get into an adventure like this but, to my surprise, she was agreeing with it but she was also worried about how would I manage to pass the final year of school. I then asked her to call the school director to ask her what I could to do recover the missing classes and to pass the year, mother talked to her and the director assured that there were ways for me to finish the studies. Later after discussing the last things of the matter before the decision, with my mother, I called my theater director telling him I could participate on his project, he was really happy. I'm happy too, but also very scared... All my life I expected to become a manga artist (japanese comics artist) but my life has been taking it's way into the world of acting... When I entered the theater group near my house, I was only doing it because it was a fun hobby, now it's like it's turning into my destiny or something... I don't deslike it, but it's weird...I don't know what to think anymore, I'll just go with the flow, for once in my life...
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