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X 1999 Fanfic - Violet Poison Ch1

Fandom: X 1999
Pairing: Fuuma x Kamui
Rating: M
Story time line: Takes place after the last battle
Summary: Kamui managed to save the world, but somehow there are things that didn’t seem to change…
Disclaimer: X 1999 and it's characters belong to CLAMP. Me owns nothing, this is a fan fiction made in honor to my one true pairing.

“Now then Kamui, what’s your true wish?”

Fuuma’s words were still fresh in Kamui’s memory. It had been a few days since the last battle came to an end. Everyone expected one of the leaders to be killed, but it didn’t happen at all, Kamui had managed to win without killing his twin star, no one was able to explain how and why, not even the princess. Kamui didn’t care, neither wanted an explanation, he was glad that Fuuma was still alive. The older man had a displeased face when everything was over, much to Kamui’s surprise, for he had thought his old friend would have awaken from the hate and show his happiness towards their good ending. The man had merely turned his back and left, never to be seen again. The younger leader wasn’t really worried, Fuuma had to be somewhere in town, he couldn’t have just disappeared to somewhere else. It was with that thought that one day, Kamui decided to take his day off to search for Fuuma, he needed to see him, to recover his friend.
Tokyo was peaceful again, it had been a while since Kamui was able to go for a walk without having to be in constant alert. He went to Fuuma’s house but the man wasn’t there, perhaps he had decided to just move away from the bad memories… How would he track him down?
The day went by, night slowly fell and Kamui was getting tired of walking around and finding nothing, not a single clue. He found himself stopping in a small garden behind a big apartment, it was particularly dark in there, surrounded by a few trees he was being bathed in pitch black shadows, his body called for some rest so he sat on the grass, laying slightly on the tree behind him. It was silent, there weren’t people walking near the place, the lack of noise somewhat came as a comfort to Kamui, soothed all the nerves he had been accumulating.
Not long before Kamui could manage to rest his eyes a little, footsteps were heard near the area, they sent a jolt of panic through the boy’s spine and he didn’t know why, the footsteps became louder and Kamui just felt sicker as he felt them drew nearer. A tall figure appeared between the trees, Kamui couldn’t see the person, it was too dark, but he could tell for sure, whoever it was scared him. The figure seemed to be just wandering around in the garden, stealing glances at the moon from time to time. It eventually bent down and sat on the grass, right in front of Kamui, just the boy’s luck. It stood there, quiet and breathing as if in deep thought. Kamui was too scared to breathe, so he tried to silence his breathing the best he could, he didn’t want to be found in such an awkward situation and by a scary stranger at that.
Both humans kept still and silent, one of them without the acknowledgement of the other.
Time was passing by and Kamui’s nerves were getting on his skin, just how longer was this stranger planning on staying there? Mere seconds after his inner question, Kamui was startled by a deep groan coming from the stranger, and it hit him, hard. That person sounded like… Fuuma. He could be wrong, but he had no time to loose, he had to find out if he had finally been reunited with his friend. But before any word could leave Kamui’s lips, the figure suddenly stood up and walked forward, bumping right on Kamui. The boy gasped in pain and the stranger as a reflex grabbed him by his shoulders, bending again on the floor.
- A-Ah… I’m sorry – Kamui hurried into apologizing, the hands in his shoulders froze.
- I…Hm… Sorry for the intrusion, I was just resting a bit here… - Kamui continued, sensing the stranger’s uncomfortable silence.
Suddenly, giving Kamui no more space for more talk, the hands still grabbing him pushed the frail body forcefully against the ground, this scared Kamui to no end.
- O-ouch! What are you doing?! – Kamui’s voice trembled with fear, the figure was now looming over him. It was then that a familiar scent took Kamui’s attention, Fuuma’s scent, he had felt it many times before so he couldn’t mistake it.
- F-Fuuma… - Kamui’s call for his friend had somewhat sounded like a low moan, and this, Kamui didn’t understand at all, smelling Fuuma again was messing his head a bit. Probably just his nerves.
The stranger kept silent, not replying to the call, instead, he bent down and buried his face on Kamui’s neck, inhaling deeply and releasing an aroused groan right after. Kamui shivered.
He had to get away from this situation, Fuuma or not he just couldn’t let himself be in that position much longer, he struggled against the apparently much stronger body, only to get his wrists abruptly pinned.
- Let…Let me go! – the younger male squirmed trying to break free from the powerful grip, as an answer he received a sharp, merciless bite on his neck.
- AH! – Kamui screamed throwing his head back, not sure if from pain or pleasure, or both.
The strong figure over him groaned again against his soft skin.
- S…Stop it… No… - Kamui struggled, this was just wrong, why was Fuuma still torturing him, they weren’t enemies anymore.
- Fuuma, stop it… Please. We need to talk, I want you back.
The figure stopped for a minute.
- … I’m not Fuuma.
- Wha…What? – Kamui couldn’t believe that.
The stranger resumed his neck biting.
- A-AH! Noo… Yes you are – Kamui moaned squirming uncontrollably.
- No. I’m not. – the man replied, tracing a wet trail with his tongue along the luscious neck.
- Yes you a-AHN! – Kamui’s eyes went wide open as he let out a loud moan, the stranger had just bucked his hips against Kamui’s, he could feel something hard through the man’s pants. This happened mostly because the younger man had been careless enough to let his legs open, giving the stranger room to place himself between them.
He just couldn’t take this any longer.
- Let go of me, Fuuma! We’re no longer enemies, stop it! – Kamui spoke louder, fighting forcefully against his captor.
The man let go of his wrists but didn’t move away from his body, Kamui felt that he was being stared at, even in such darkness. He stared back in anger, throwing his now free hands at the man’s head.
- You ARE Fuuma! – Kamui said, and to prove his point to himself he let his hands roam around the stranger’s hair, it was less smooth than Kamui’s and spiky, yes, this was Fuuma’s. Kamui couldn’t help but let his hands run a little more over the familiar hair, it was feeling good to him, and before he knew it, his hands travelled down and started feeling the man’s broad shoulders, massaging them slightly, they went a bit lower and he felt a strong chest, Fuuma’s chest. Kamui suddenly realized his face was burning hot.
- Ah… I… - Kamui stammered removing his hands quickly as if they had been burned, what the hell was he doing?
Thoughts were lost as Kamui’s lips were suddenly claimed with brutal force.
- Hn! – Kamui managed to protest into the harsh kiss but he couldn’t escape it.
His face was burning, it was almost painful. Larger, hot lips consumed his smaller ones in a fierce kiss that had him moaning and gasping for air.
The bigger man broke the kiss, Kamui was panting, his small chest moving up and down rapidly.
- Fuuma…
Kamui was so lost in arousal now that he didn’t catch the glimpse of moonlight that lit for mere seconds a pair of golden, malicious eyes.

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